Online Experience Review

Are you launching a new online store?

Or maybe you are thinking that your existing online store may need a facelift..... 

Let's ensure your online ecommerce store gets off on the right foot!

The Online Experience review is a comprehensive assessment of your online experience, including your:

  • Primary eCommerce website
  • Top Three Focus social media accounts (I.e. Facebook page, Pinterest account, and Twitter etc)

The review analyzes your online presence in terms of usability, design, customer experience and overall consistency in branding and copy.

I will also review three product and three website content pages (of your choosing) for copy, engagement, consistency and completeness. 

The Online Experience Review includes:
  • A detailed report on your Online presence: The printable/saveable PDF will include a summary of opportunities for improvement in your online presence in the areas of traffic generation, mobility, website structure, brand and engagement, holistic purchase experience, customer support, and loyalty strategy.
  • A 45 minute live report review + Q&A session with Kristi via Skype, Google Hangouts or another online conferencing.
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The online experience review takes about 1 week to complete depending on time of year. Post-purchase you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours from Kristi confirming when the report can be ready, and with a few dates/times for the live review.


Please email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Previous client testimonials and references available upon request.


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